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Activate your free membership to Convenience Store Alliance (CSA), the exclusive buying program of Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® brands, and start saving today. Get better buying power and enjoy chain store discounts with national vendors by activating your FREE CSA membership.

See Why Phillips 66 Negotiated with CSA to Waive Your Membership Fee

When CSA launched, operators were required to pay a one-time $300 membership fee. But now, Phillips 66 has negotiated with CSA to waive the fee, making the program free for you! Watch this video to understand why.

Ways You Save

When you join CSA, you'll get the same discounts and promotions as large chains by leveraging the nationwide network of Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® branded sites. CSA gives you access to lower costs on products and services from the nation's leading suppliers in 20+ savings programs, including:

Grocery and

Fountain and Coffee

Food Service

and Insurance


and More

We've saved approximately $10,000 in (insurance) premiums a year. That sounds too good to be true. But it wasn't."

Eric Thompson | CSA Member

Still not sure you want to activate your free CSA membership?

  • It's really free! Phillips 66 has negotiated with CSA to waive the one-time $300 membership fee for you.
  • There are NO additional fees, and there is no obligation to purchase through CSA vendors.
  • National discounts are only available after activating one or many of CSA's programs — join the ones that are right for you.